In accordance with its constitution and by-laws, government of the
San Luis Yacht Club is vested in its Board of Directors.


2019 Officers

Barry Stewart Commodore barry stewart  805-720-6468 Jim Gilletly Vice Commodore jim gilletly  805-235-2279
Mike Davis Rear Commodore mike davis 805-878-6817 Kristin Rasmussen Secretary kristin rasmussen 805-471-7127
Bret Clark treasurer bret clark 805-704-2608 Ken San Filippo Port Captain ken san filippo 805-704-8625
Kyle Soucy Sail Fleet Captain kyle soucy 978-621-2716 Dave Lipanovich Power Captain dave lipanovich 805-550-0557
Lettie Fuller Cruising Captain lettie fuller 805-305-1965 Chris Barrett Jr. Staff Commodore chris barrett 805-878-9508
Mary Matakovich Sr. Staff Commodore mary matakovich 805-595-2526 Lipanovich Director1 colleen lipanovich 805-459-0059
David Williams Director2 david williams 805-704-0882 Reid Hester Director3 reid hester 805-295-0347
Yacht Club 805:595-2017 SLYC Burgee Officers Board of Directors

Regular Meetings

Are held the first Thursday of the month at 1800 hours

Special Meetings

May be called by the Commodore or by the Board of Directors whenever they deem it necessary, or at the written request of at least five Flag Members of the Club.


Barkeeper jeff bucher 805-481-7416
Boatmaster bill dyer 805-481-1933
Burgees bob rollins 805-712-7729
Foghorn Editor donna ellison 805-773-0556
Historian pete kelley 805-595-2526
Purser angela brokaw 805-459-9081
Quartermaster jana barter 805-550-5013
Sunshine kathleen o'neill 805-550-5010
Webmaster michael dobrzensky 805-801-4988


Finance jim gilletly 805-235-2279
House mike davis 805-878-6817
Membership chris barrett 805-878-9508
Nominating mary matakovich 805-595-2526
Social  co-chairs terry whitney
margie hurd
steering committee chris barrett 805-878-9508


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