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If you have an idea for a cruise you would like to see this year, please contact lettie with your suggestions

Dates are subject to change and weather

Updated 3-29-2017

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Happy New Year to all and may fair winds, calm seas and beautiful weather be in store for you all.
MBYC Fun Floaters

From the Morro Bay Yacht Club:
Kayak Schedule

"I have put together a few dates for the next few months for our kayak & canoe group we call the Fun Floaters.

We would like to have you join us for as many as you can and we may try more Saturday's if people want to get together. Please notify your group of these dates and we will look forward to welcoming them to our paddles.

These dates could change and more Saturdays added if paddlers are interested and I am open to suggestions and changes, your Grand Poo Mah, Dot Rygh"

Lettie Fuller
Sat, January 14 Fun Floaters: 10 AM Lettie Fuller
Tues, February 14 Fun Floaters: 11 AM Lettie Fuller
Thurs, March 2 Fun Floaters: 11 AM Lettie Fuller
Wed, March 29 Fun Floaters: 10:30 AM Lettie Fuller
Thurs, April 13 Fun Floaters: 11 AM Lettie Fuller
Wed, April 26 Fun Floaters: 10:30 AM Lettie Fuller
Thurs, May 11 Fun Floaters: 11 AM Lettie Fuller
Thurs, May 25 Fun Floaters: 10:30 AM Lettie Fuller
Mon, May 22 - 28 Puerto Vallarta-Paradise Village Resort and sailing.  Let’s meet in Puerto Vallarta and go sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and relaxing on the beach.


Lettie Fuller
June 8 - 11 San Francisco tour and day sailing in the bay.  More info to come


Lettie Fuller
Sat, June 24 Santa Barbara Sail and doc side party. Sail in Santa Barbara for the day and then meet at “Amigos” for a doc side party.  More details to follow.
Lettie Fuller
Sat, August 26 Santa Barbara day sail, and cocktails on “Amigos”. Depart SB Harbor 1100; sail in SB for the day. Gather on “Amigos” at 1730 hours for dock side party. More info to come. Lettie Fuller
September 5 - 9 Boating at Huntington Lake

Arrive Tuesday (5th) evening, sail and boat on the lake Wednesday (6th), Thursday (7th), and Friday (8th); depart Saturday. 
There are condos for rent around the lake.  There are kayaks, canoes, and small boats for rent at the lake or bring your own. This boating event depends on water levels at the lake. 

Lettie Fuller
September 15 - 18 Channel Islands Cruise. Sail from Santa Barbara to Smugglers for 2 nights, then sail to Channel Islands Harbor for dinner at Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club and next day sail to Santa Barbara.


Lettie Fuller
Sun, October 8 Santa Barbara Rendezvous. Sail in Santa Barbara for the day and then meet at Santa Barbara Yacht Club for dinner. Lettie Fuller
November 12 - 18 Cruise to Sea of Cortez, Mexico.  More details to follow


Lettie Fuller


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