Welcome 2010 Board

You will notice two new menu items on the left:  Club Records and Digital Archives.

Club Records:
This was formerly 'Archives' but has been renamed Club Records because these are the various club documents that are currently in use, but not considered historical.  These include By Laws, Clubhouse Rules, Deeds of Gift, etc.  Also included are Blank Forms such as Clubhouse Reservation form, Boat Agreement form, etc.

Digital Archives
These are the club's historical documents and are broken down into the following general categories:  BOD Minutes - Books & Articles - Clubhouse - Cruising - Documents - Financial - Foghorn - General Meetings - History - Pictures - Racing - Social -  & Videos.

Please browse through the Digital Archives and enjoy.  Keep in mind that this new section is not complete, and is a continuing effort on the part of Brian King.  If you have any comments, suggestions for improvement, etc., please contact Brian via e-mail (click on his name) or by telephone at 805:235-7361

You will note that the Digital Archives are not complete.  Brian continues to gather historical records - and could use your help.  So, if any of you pack rats have old club documents (Foghorns, Directories, etc) that would fill in the empty spots - PLEASE contact Brian King.    Thanks!